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Paul Loeb

September 11th, 2010

Official Website: http://www.PaulLoebMusic.com

Music Producer and DJ Paul Loeb does more than create music, he creates inspiration. His thought-provoking and powerful life attitudes seep through the sounds that come from his home studio monitors. What’s more impressive is that these emotional, heartfelt anecdotes transcend from his Ableton Live sets and Pro Tools sessions all the way to his audience’s ears.

Specific studies focused on music production and overarching music industry theories allow Paul to differentiate his sound when composing original pieces. At age five, he naturally took to the piano. He later expanded his instrumental talents to include the clarinet, trumpet, guitar, drums, saxophone, trombone, tuba, and the French horn.

Beyond writing his own songs, Paul has worked with notable artists such as Billboard Top 40 Dance Artist Kelsey B and the international DJ Qazi. Paying tribute to his peers, he has remixed Kaskade, David Guetta, and The Rolling Stones. When asked about his thought process for producing remixes and mashups, he affirms that he likes “to pick the best elements from each track and blend them into a new source of dance floor destruction, while still keeping true to the essence of the original.”

Paul shakes up dance floors with his live DJ sets. He plays the perfect blend of popular, unique and original music. After years of experimentation with set ups, including Ableton Live and various MIDI controllers, Paul has landed on the CDJ-2000 players as his weapons of choice. Although these professional turntables are his preference, Paul is able to show up anywhere… anytime… and bring the beats (even with an iPad!).

To round out Paul’s musical repertoire, he founded No Ego Records in June of 2010. A mere year and a half later, the label now boasts 16 DJs and music producers. Equally as astounding, the company is international and has had 14 worldwide releases.

According to Paul, music “is the vehicle for creating emotional connection through melody and lyrics.” Luckily for us, Paul shares this vehicle and takes us on an unforgettable ride.

At the end of the day, though, these are just words that attempt to describe and auditory experience. To truly understand the essence of Paul Loeb, get your free download of his latest track here: http://PaulLoeb.net.

And that’s just a taste… stay tuned for the release of his first full length album “Let The Music Come To Me”, out March worldwide March 13, 2012: http://www.LetTheMusicComeToMe.com

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