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BLΩE EYES – Mr. Rastafari

April 22nd, 2014

Enjoy this rockin’ rastafari DnB tune from BLΩE EYES. “Mr. Rasta Rasta. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rastafari Mr. Rasta Rasta.”

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“Chillin’ On The Scene” Official Music Video

January 6th, 2013

We’re proud to announce our first ever official music video. The video is for DJ Qazi’s epic remix of “Chillin’ On The Scene” by HMFT. We shot HMFT in front of a green screen over only one day, then the masters Mark Estrada and Gilbert “JT” Juarez took over and delivered this incredible result. Please leave a comment on the YouTube video, and share it with ONE friend who you think will like it!

HMFT – Chillin’ On The Scene [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (DJ Qazi Remix)

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