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“Kings Of The Night” by Starlight Pharaoh

December 15th, 2015

Liquid disco beamed down from the stars. Starlight Pharaoh are producer, guitarist & songwriter Numan Paul and singer, bass player & songwriter P.S. Stait.

Track List:
1. Kings Of The Night
2. Dancing On The Moon
3. Fire In My Hands
4. We Love Tonight (Neon Nights Version)
5. Dreams Are Made Of This (Steppin’ Out Version)


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Brand New / Egomaniac by Go Satta

October 27th, 2015

Go Satta are an Anglo-American Future-Pop duo. Their secret weapon is Moriah’s truly fabulous voice, which has found its perfect home in Lee’s production style. Light, airy, soaring (and autotune free!), it blends perfectly with Lee’s unusual arrangements and instrumentation.

Go Satta - Brand New & Egomaniac cover 800x800

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Around The World by MONOM

June 9th, 2015

Take an “ethnic-house” trip around the world with MONOM.

Download “Jamafrika” for free!

Track List:
1. Apache From Karachi
2. Al Jazzira
3. Bangcock Knights
4. Jamafrika
5. Konichiwa Sayonara
6. Vienna Vibes
7. Uluru Walkabout
8. Latinos Eskimos
9. A Hillbilly In Amsterdam
10. Sailing Dalai Llama
11. Trans Tuscany Trip

MONOM - Around The World

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I Think by Orffee

May 5th, 2015

Germany’s Orffee delivers “I Think,” along with an electro house remix from Chris & Cris!

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