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Kelsey Brown’s vocals soar over Chris Minatti’s fresh tropical house melodies in ‘Already Know’

Chris Minatti feat. Kelsey Brown - Already Know

Feel your stress melt away as Shawn Kim takes you ‘higher, and higher, and higher, above the clouds.’ Photo by Shea Stacy.

Shawn Kim - Higher

Liquid disco beamed down from the stars. Starlight Pharaoh are producer, guitarist & songwriter Numan Paul and singer, bass player & songwriter P.S. Stait.

Track List:
1. Kings Of The Night
2. Dancing On The Moon
3. Fire In My Hands
4. We Love Tonight (Neon Nights Version)
5. Dreams Are Made Of This (Steppin’ Out Version)


Joker - Fouse

We will run away… under Summer Rain

Djently - Summer Rain

Nexius brings us an upbeat, vocal house classic, ‘So When I Knew!’


Go Satta are an Anglo-American Future-Pop duo. Their secret weapon is Moriah’s truly fabulous voice, which has found its perfect home in Lee’s production style. Light, airy, soaring (and autotune free!), it blends perfectly with Lee’s unusual arrangements and instrumentation.

Go Satta - Brand New & Egomaniac cover 800x800

Liquid disco beamed down from the stars. Starlight Pharaoh are producer, guitarist & songwriter Numan Paul and singer, bass player & songwriter P.S. Stait.

Track List:
1. Dreams Are Made Of This (Radio Edit)
2. Life Is A Party (Radio Edit)
3. We Love Tonight
4. Dreams Are Made Of This (Extended Version)
5. Live Is A Party (Extended Version)

Starlight Pharaoh - Dreams Are

Take an “ethnic-house” trip around the world with MONOM.

Download “Jamafrika” for free!

Track List:
1. Apache From Karachi
2. Al Jazzira
3. Bangcock Knights
4. Jamafrika
5. Konichiwa Sayonara
6. Vienna Vibes
7. Uluru Walkabout
8. Latinos Eskimos
9. A Hillbilly In Amsterdam
10. Sailing Dalai Llama
11. Trans Tuscany Trip

MONOM - Around The World

Germany’s Orffee delivers “I Think,” along with an electro house remix from Chris & Cris!

Hello Beddo presents “R U (Frozen)” along with a massive remix from DJ Qazi!

Little Lilo and Atlesta present “We Run”

Sonny Boy presents: “Trauma”

Let’s get the party started! Numan Paul teams up with P.S Stait and Tina V for his followup EP on No Ego Records. A mix of electro house and dubstep, “Playtime” is a perfect soundtrack, just as festival season approaches!

LA’s own Usica gets down with “Creep”

Enjoy this rockin’ rastafari DnB tune from BLΩE EYES. “Mr. Rasta Rasta. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rastafari Mr. Rasta Rasta.”

Numan Paul takes us on an exotic adventure with his “Kilimanjaro” EP. Featuring four uplifting tracks, get ready for a ride!

The vocal sample in “L.A.B.” is from System ft. Charlotte Rose Ellis – “What You Want”, used with permission from DMT Management.

Johnny Deal is back with the driving, grinding, electro house “Tyrant”

Are we gonna play House tonight or what?? Higgarn has the answer in this progressive chomper!

Djently from Estonia drives us mad with “This beat is taking over my mind!”

Kenshin from Morocco takes us on this deep, melodic journey through “Starlight”

Hailing from the Dirty South, Key Lo is no stranger to fat basslines and melodic interludes. With shows from Nashville to Memphis, Key Lo is set to be a rising bass superstar in 2014 and beyond.

DJ A208 explodes your scene with the futuristic big-room sound of “Blow Up The Place”

Baltimore’s own Moon On Fire delivers this sultry dub ballad, “In You, In Me”

No one can hear you scream in space. But they can hear BLΩE EYES when he’s making a fresh baby-maker trap-banger!

You wouldn’t guess the composer of such a polished, big-room sound is only 18 years old! Take a bite into Nick Ortega’s tasty “Froot” and enjoy 🙂

In sunny Palm Desert, California, Moonbista dreams: “One Day To Be Number One”

Mexico’s Cucumber is a bit of a pickle. One one side we have the crunchy “HardDB,” a ferocious, yet melodic, electro-house floor-stomper. And on the other, we have the beautiful, progressive tune “Dreaming.” Both are tasty, so take a bite!

Ximeno says: “Chi-Town” is something a little different from us. It has some deep bass lines but maintains a pretty “big” sound with some solid percussion to keep the flow moving. “Boomerang” is the epitome of big-room house that we’re confident you’ll enjoy!

Sallok & James take control with the powerful dub ballad “We Must Be Free,” and then get down with the groovy deep-house sound of “Stronger.” Bonus: A special Drum & Bass remix!

DJ Darro from Texas takes us on a melodic adventure with “Into The Night.”

Hungary’s LoopLab explodes onto the scene with the big-room sound of “Tam Taram”

Stephen M from the UK gets us rock-and-rolling “All Night!”

N.I.K.O from Italy delivers the big-room electro sound of Get Down.

N.I.K.O - Get Down

Track List:

  1. Creak
  2. Get Down
  3. Hilo
  4. Imagine
  5. Mosquito
  6. Touchè

We’re proud to announce our first compilation album. Here is the best electro and progressive house of the summer, with two bonus chill dub tracks.

Summer Sounds 2013

Track List:

  1. Eleftherios Mukuka – Feels Like Summer Loving
  2. Johnny Deal – Whatever Muther Trucker
  3. Michael Hokanson – Allusion
  4. Tycoon Projekt – Who’s Your Daddy (Funk Generation/H3Drush Club Mix)
  5. A.G.A.M.A – Free Fall
  6. Higgarn – Take That, Bitch!
  7. HouseMouse – Stoned King
  8. Intellectuals – Eclipse
  9. A.G.A.M.A – Electroshok
  10. Eleftherios Mukuka – Anthos
  11. HouseMouse – Odyssey
  12. The Invader! – Complextro

Tycoon Projekt – Who’s Your Daddy Remixes

Global phenomenons TK Tycoon (Sweden) and Beatz Projekted (Turkey) team up to form Tycoon Projekt, and deliver this future classic “Who’s Your Daddy” with remixes by Funk Generation/H3DRush and SANSEGO. Photography: Patrik Blom, Model: Evelina Granstrom

Tycoon Projekt feat. TK Tycoon – Who’s Your Daddy

Global phenomenons TK Tycoon (Sweden) and Beatz Projekted (Turkey) team up to form Tycoon Projekt, and deliver this future classic “Who’s Your Daddy.” Photography: Patrik Blom, Model: Evelina Granstrom

Johnny Deal – Whatever Muther Trucker

Southern California’s own Johnny Deal delivers this massive anthem: Whatever Muther Trucker

Higgarn – Take That, Bitch! (Original Mix)

Sweden’s Higgarn brings us his flavor of electro with this powerhouse “Take That, Bitch!”

A.G.A.M.A – Elektroshok (Original Mix)

Ukraine’s A.G.A.M.A drops the Electroshok

Intellectuals – Eclipse x Drilled

Two young producers from Serbia, Ivan Arsic and Nemanja Petkovic, team up as “Intellectuals” to produce these massively energetic electro house tracks: Eclipse and Drilled.

Michael Hokanson – Allusion (Original Mix)

21-year-old Michael Hokanson from Massachusetts chills out with this progressive tune

A.G.A.M.A – Free Fall (Original Mix)

Ukraine’s A.G.A.M.A brings us the powerful “Free Fall”

The Invader! – Long Step / Complextro

The Invader!, also known as Ivan Arsic hailing from Serbia, brings us two fierce, original electro house bangers: Long Step and Complextro.

Eleftherios Mukuka – Feels Like Summer Loving / Anthos

While studying at the famous Berklee College of Music, the young Greek-Zambian music composer, film scorer and pianist Eleftherios Mukuka focuses on writing and exploring music that brings together the Greek traditional/Byzantine and Arabic music with the Sub-Saharan African and Jazz music, in both classical and Electronic music form. His diversity in genre and innovative approaches to fusion music keep his listeners excited and culturally unbound. Eleftherios Mukuka has performed in Zambia, Greece and the USA.

We’re proud to announce our first ever official music video. The video is for DJ Qazi’s epic remix of “Chillin’ On The Scene” by HMFT. We shot HMFT in front of a green screen over only one day, then the masters Mark Estrada and Gilbert “JT” Juarez took over and delivered this incredible result. Please leave a comment on the YouTube video, and share it with ONE friend who you think will like it!

HMFT – Chillin’ On The Scene [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (DJ Qazi Remix)

HouseMouse – Stoned King / Odyssey

Hailing from Slovenia, HouseMouse aka Stane Spegel aka Stanislav brings us two “dope” tracks – Stoned King and Odyssey. This dank dub will royally ravage your ears!

Stereothief – Pandemonium EP

Beatport       Download Stereothief - Pandemonium EP on Amazon       Download Stereothief - Pandemonium EP on iTunes

ERROR! – Kapow! EP

Download ERROR! - Kapow! EP on Beatport       Download ERROR! - Kapow! EP on Amazon       Download ERROR! - Kapow! EP on iTunes

SANFRAN D!5CO – Sad Weather

Beatport       Download SANFRAN D!5CO - Sad Weather on Amazon       Download SANFRAN D!5CO - Sad Weather on iTunes

DJ Qazi – Andromeda / Sakkara

Beatport       Download DJ Qazi - Andromeda / Sakkara on Amazon       iTunes

Paul Loeb – Take A Deep Breath

Beatport       Download Paul Loeb - Take A Deep Breath on Amazon       iTunes

DJ Qazi – Sakkara

Beatport       Download DJ Qazi - Sakkara on Amazon       iTunes

BluntGuitar – We Fell Off

Beatport       Download BluntGuitar - We Fell Off on Amazon       iTunes

DJ Qazi – Darkest Distance

Beatport       Download DJ Qazi - Darkest Distance on Amazon       iTunes

Paul Loeb – Kitteh

Beatport       Download Paul Loeb - Kitteh on Amazon       iTunes
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