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An electronic DJ duo based out of Los Angeles, California, BluntGuitar is characterized by both the sharp, clean power of its sound and the grinding pulses of its furious beats. Producers Paul Loeb and Kyle McKenzie, the masterminds behind the sound and the fury of BluntGuitar, made an explosive debut onto the electronic music scene with such hit singles as “The World was Flat” (2008) and “Bass” (2009), providing the refreshing relief of originality and setting a higher standard for the concept of the dance revolution. With an infusion of heavy, palpable bass and the funk of rhythmic, dirty synths, BluntGuitar possesses not only the power to move the bodies of its audience, but also to electrify their souls through the mutual experience of their music and performances.

BluntGuitar was recently featured in Wired Magazine’s Listening Post Blog.
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BluntGuitar Releases Song as Ableton Live Project

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