The music industry is changing. The traditional outlets of music discovery, distribution and promotion have been thrown out the window in the wake of constant technological innovation. Traditional record labels and music retailers have found that their business models are no longer valid in today’s world of iTunes, streaming radio, blogs, etc.

With the advent of new technology, especially in the realm of Digital Audio Workstation and DJ software, it is increasingly easy for just about anyone with an idea to compose and produce a song or a remix. To that end, the market has been flooded with new content; some of which is good and some of which is not so good.

From day one, the focus of No Ego Records has been on producing excellent music and putting on incredible, unforgettable events. While distribution and promotion methods will certainly change throughout time, the desire and need for quality music and events is timeless.

The company’s emphasis is to promote the success of its artists. No Ego Records is always looking out for its artists’ best interests and believes in fair deals that create win/win situations for everyone involved. This is done by breaking away from old industry standards and by innovating new best practices.

Inspired by the dance music scene in Europe, as well as US-based labels and promotion companies such as Ultra Records, Dim Mak Records and Insomniac Events, the imprint was started in 2010 on the cusp of the electronic dance music revolution in the United States.

Not limited to producing records and events, No Ego Records also provides services to the music and post-production industries including live DJ entertainment, licensing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

No Ego Records, Inc., a registered California corporation, is an independent record label based in Los Angeles.

No Ego Records